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Script: Connect Maya Nurbs Curves

This simple python script does not actually attach two curves.
Instead, it matches the first and last two control vertices to ensure continuity in translation and velocity.
Which ends will be connected is determined by selection order and curve direction.

EDIT: Ignorant me, I just discovered that Maya already has a built-in command for this: alignCurve.

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya
import maya.cmds as cmds

def init():
selection =

if not (len(selection) == 2):
OpenMaya.MGlobal.displayError("Select exactly 2 curves")
alignCurves(selection[0], selection[1])

def alignCurves(curve1, curve2):
spans1 = cmds.getAttr(curve1 + '.spans')
degree1 = cmds.getAttr(curve1 + '.degree')
cvs1 = spans1 + degree1

p1 = cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve1, cvs1-2), q=True, ws=True, t=True)
p2 = cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve1, cvs1-1), q=True, ws=True, t=True)
p3 = cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve2, 0), q=True, ws=True, t=True)
p4 = cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve2, 1), q=True, ws=True, t=True)

# Align endpoints
pM = interpolate(p2, p3, 0.5)
cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve1, cvs1-1), a=True, ws=True, t=pM)
cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve2, 0), a=True, ws=True, t=pM)

# Align tangents
v1 = sub(pM, sub(p4, p3))
v2 = sub(pM, sub(p1, p2))
t1 = interpolate(v1, p1, 0.5)
t2 = interpolate(v2, p4, 0.5)
cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve1, cvs1-2), a=True, ws=True, t=t1)
cmds.xform('[%i]' % (curve2, 1), a=True, ws=True, t=t2)

def sub(p1, p2):
return [
p1[0] - p2[0],
p1[1] - p2[1],
p1[2] - p2[2]

def interpolate(p1, p2, t):
x = p1[0] + ((p2[0] - p1[0]) * t)
y = p1[1] + ((p2[1] - p1[1]) * t)
z = p1[2] + ((p2[2] - p1[2]) * t)
return [x,y,z]

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