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Some More Tisse

Baby alert! Skip these pictures if you don’t like babies…

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My Nephew!

Tisse is born! He’s a cute fella, isn’t he? Well, Wendy and Matisse, bro, congratulations are in order!

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Holiday Pictures

A selection of pictures I took during my vacation in France. Locations include: FreeWheels 2010 (Courpière), the Massif Central area and the Pyrenees near Foix.

The rest of the album is here.

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Crazy Dutch People

Last week, the Dutch soccer team was welcomed back after losing the world cup final versus Spain in South Africa. Thousands of soccer fans travelled to Amsterdam to cheer at their hero’s. I took some pictures because they happened to pass through the canals, a couple of meters from my work.

Ok this starts looking like a crowd.
Whatever it takes
Danse la police!
One last big cheer at the team before they dissapear from view
Everybody tries to get a snapshot of the dutch soccer players emerging from under the bridge
Canal of people.
All this effort and he didn't even catch a glimpse of the soccer players because he took a wrong turn (or was too late).
Don't fall asleep now

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Groetjes from Festival Mundial

Couple of snapshots I took during Festival Mundial

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Groetjes From Amsterdam, Some Pictures

Finally got myself a nice Nikon D5000 DSLR camera. Here are some pictures I took around the city to try it out.

Sturdy black bikes, very common here
Ohh :)
It probably still works


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New, stylish transportation!

Oranje duiveltje

Our new city-transport: Orange, ¬†50cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, 100kg, 60kph on wheels with white-wall tires zig-zag ‘hey let me through’ zoom goodness!

It looks kinda classic, but the engine’s regulated by a small computer and I don’t ever have to mix in oil with my fuel like the old ones. Just pour in regular gasoline at the gas station and off we go.

Did you know Vespa’s have their wheels attached on one side? It’s something they inherit from Piaggio’s original occupation: building airplanes.
This bike has a light engine, but in urban areas it feels agile and quick, like riding an oversized wasp, hence the name!

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Moved to another host, database lost!

While moving to another host, I somehow lost my old database and with it, all my old blog posts…